"Should be required...for EVERY new recruit."  ~Military.com
ARMY Sergeant Helps New Recruits
BOOST Pushup Count By Up To
Will you be ABLE to pump out WHATEVER push-ups
your Drill Sergeant (your new BFF) demands?
Or...will you sh*t yourself in embarrassment?
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It's based on 5 years of on-base research...
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Sgt. Michael Volkin
Your Instructor for Basic Training University
Sgt. Michael Volkin (aka "The Volkinator" )
Instructor, Basic Training University
How To Increase
Your Push-Up Count
by up to 400%...

NEVER get embarrassed
at Basic Training!
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Sgt. Michael Volkin, Instructor, Basic Training University
Now, pushups are just the start of the new demands you'll face at Basic Training.

There's the running... LOTS of running.

Plus the rest of Physical Training (PT).

But then... there's the mental strain.

Which is where most new recruits struggle the most.

Basic Training is a super high-demand environment.

Recruits get put on the spot, forget something, and end up screwing it up for everyone.


Because they don't really know what to expect... and they don't know what to do about it.

In the end, almost 15% of new recruits DON'T make it. 

They wash out... or get recycled.

How can you make sure you're NOT one of the 15% who can't hack it?

How can you make sure YOU come out on top?

How can you make sure Basic Training is a breeze... and not the end of you?


Become one of my students by enrolling in Basic Training University.

Click the link below to find out more.

I'll teach you more than just how to bust out 400% more pushups than you're doing right now.

I'll teach you how to run faster... with less effort.

I'll teach you how to stay cool as a cucumber... while your drill sergeant is screaming his ass off at you.

I'll teach you EXACTLY what to memorize BEFORE you ship... so "learning" in Basic Training... is merely "review" for you.

And so much more... 
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