Army Sergeant Reveals 
Helping New Recruits 
CRUSH Basic Training
Don't Just "Survive" Basic - Discover How to ACE It!
For ANY Recruit in ANY Branch of the US Military
"Should be required..."

Dear New Recruit,

How would you like to ship off to Basic Training loaded with confidence...

Knowing you had the “SECRET WEAPON” you needed to absolutely CRUSH Basic Training? 

And...what if that SECRET WEAPON could help you:

  • Ace Your Fitness Test
  • Land the Job (MOS) you REALLY want after boot camp
  • Get Promoted FASTER
  • Earn HIGHER PAY after boot camp

And, if that SECRET WEAPON could be yours without breaking any laws or codes, would you download it?

You see, I’ve talked to THOUSANDS of recruits...from all 5 branches of the military…

And honestly, there’s really only two things keeping new recruits from being 1000% confident about Basic Training.

Number 1:

They don’t know EXACTLY what to expect during boot camp.

Number 2:

They’re they won’t know EXACTLY what they should to do about it. 

Believe me when I tell you, I don't think it's your fault for NOT knowing EXACTLY what to expect...and EXACTLY what to
do about it.

There is just so much mis-information floating around. It's hard to know what to believe.

That's why I believed new recruits needed a SECRET WEAPON to help them cut through the sh*tstorm of bad information about basic training.

Make sure you read this to the end.

It could be the most important
thing you do for your military career
before you ship.
Why? Because this secret the ONE THING that will teach you EXACTLY what to expect at Basic Training...and EXACTLY what to do about it.

No guess work. No nervous wondering. No anxiety. No myths. No urban legends.

The SECRET WEAPON I’m about to reveal to you is the ONE THING that will help you crush boot camp - and not the other way around.

That’s not BS, hype, or exaggeration. And it's not false bravado.

Why? Because this secret weapon has already helped thousands of new recruits...just like you...make basic training...a walk in the park.
What is this "SECRET WEAPON?"
It’s called Basic Training University.

It’s the online course I created to help new recruits know exactly WHAT to EXPECT at basic training...and exactly WHAT to DO ABOUT IT.

This is the result of FIVE YEARS of on-base research...I literally interviewed thousands of recruits, drill sergeants, and crusty vets.

This is the “SECRET WEAPON” you can’t get anywhere else...even if you spent WEEKS and WEEKS “Googling” your eyeballs out on the interwebs.

With this “SECRET WEAPON,” I DESTROY everything that’s a waste of your time: rumors, myths, urban legends, lies, and “one-off” your cousin Vinnie’s uncle-in-law from 43 years ago.

  • This is the "SECRET WEAPON" ARMY.COM said should be REQUIRED for EVERY NEW RECRUIT
  • This is the "SECRET WEAPON MILITARY.COM said should be in the hands of EVERY noob shipping off to Boot matter the branch of service.
  • This is the ONE THING you need to make Basic Training one great big "easy button."
Basic Training University is the 

that...once it’s in your hands, will help you:
  • CRUSH your FITNESS test - while you watch unprepared noobs cry for their mommie. 
  • SNAG the MOS you REALLY want after boot camp while the chumps that thought they could wing it...only get the LEFTOVERS.
  • Get faster PROMOTIONS while the “hope and a prayer” recruits are wondering what happened. 
  • Earn HIGHER PAY after graduation. Imagine what you could do with up to 30% more base pay at the end of basic than the scrubs!
Now...If you’re NOT interested in ALL THAT, then I can’t help you...and you should exit this presentation RIGHT THE HELL NOW…Let’s not waste each others’ time.

And I wish you the best of luck.

An Introduction Is In Order

Hi. I’m Sergeant Michael Volkin, and I’ve become the leading expert on getting recruits READY for basic training.
My videos on basic training have been viewed almost 1.5 million times on

I've written a best-selling book on basic training.

I've written hundreds of articles on basic training.

I've been a featured author on,, as well as many others.

I've been interviewed by countless magazines and websites...

All on the subject of what it takes to get ready for basic training.

And...Basic Training University is the online course I created that's the culmination of years of research and thousands of interviews.

It’s the ONLINE course that’s your SECRET WEAPON to make Basic Training a BREEZE…

Because it will teach you EXACTLY what to EXPECT…


That’s right: ZERO guess work.

And it can be yours without violating any codes or breaking any laws…

It can be yours for less than you’d spend for a night out on the town…
In fact, you can get instant access TODAY to Basic Training University...your SECRET WEAPON to absolutely kill it at basic.


But that’s not how things went down for me when I shipped.

I didn’t have a secret weapon. You see, I enlisted the VERY NEXT DAY after 9/11 and the twin towers fell. Lots of us did.

I figured I had a pretty good shot to breeze through basic training.

I was smart - after all, I had a Master’s degree. I was reasonably fit. And I was ready to serve our country...when it needed me most.
Harder than Expected
Rude Awakening… I WASN’T as ready for Basic as I thought I was.

More? There were gobs of new recruits that were so under-prepared, they just plain sucked...and because they weren’t “getting it” - it made it worse for the rest of us.

You see, when you screw up at Basic, your new BFF Drill Sergeant takes it out on you...on your battle buddy...the whole platoon...basically anyone he wants to.

PT...lots of it...pushups till your arms are noodles. Sprints until your legs are ready to fall off.

And you know what? Basic Training doesn't just push your physical limits.

It will absolutely push your MENTAL the brink. What can you LEARN...and how fast you can learn it?

All under intense pressure.

And if you give the wrong answer...or if you hesitate...or sound wishy washy, your BFF drill sergeant will absolutely bring the pain.

And let's be honest.

No One Wants to be 

There were a couple of those sh*t for brains in my platoon at basic.

They were constant targets for the drill sergeants.

No one had much respect for them.

And you know what? They felt like losers...embarrassed...all the freaking time.

Everyone could see it.

Some washed out completely. Others got recycled. And some made it...just by the skin of their teeth.

And...when basic training was finally over, some other hard truths set in. 

The guys that struggled? They were the ones NOT getting the MOS they wanted.

They were a rank or two behind where they could have been.

They even came out earning less money.

All because...basic training owned them.

Most of them could barely hack the physical part...but it was the mental strain that got to them.
Make a Difference
Here’s what made sense to me toward the end of my stint at basic training.

There was crap-ton of stuff we could have learned BEFORE we shipped...

And it would have made a HUGE difference for me...for my battle buddy...basically for EVERYONE...

Especially for the ones who weren’t the sharpest tools in the shed...if you know what I mean.

There was SO MUCH we could have done to prepare for Basic BEFORE we shipped. Both PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY.

Because at Basic you are getting in MILITARY SHAPE...and You’re LEARNING a TON of information...and under intense pressure.

Doesn’t it make sense to get as much as you can under your belt...BEFORE you ship?

That's why I made it my personal mission to get as many new recruits as possible as ready as possible for basic training.

Imagine this...
Imagine knowing the answers to your Drill Sergeant’s questions BEFORE you even ship.

Now...imagine NOT knowing those answers...when he’s screaming at you...demanding the RIGHT half inch from your face.

Now...picture yourself standing tall, answering INSTANTLY...while everyone in your platoon breathes a sigh of relief...because you know your sh*t.

Imagine being the guy or gal your BFF STOPS asking questions of...because you know your sh*t.

It’s not only’s easier than you think… when you have the SECRET WEAPON.
Don't Try and "Wing It"
Now...don’t think that will happen if you think you can just show up and wing it.


Basic Training University is known to make new recruits almost INVISIBLE to drill sergeants...because drill sergeants...are looking for easy targets to make examples of.

Don't be an EASY Target!

That’s why I made this my personal mission AFTER my service was complete and I was honorably discharged.

I knew I had to put together all the best tips and tricks so ANYONE, no matter how fit, smart or tough they were...or thought they were...could make Basic Training a breeze.

And that’s exactly what I did when I got out. I created the secret weapon every new recruit needs to master Basic Training.
You See, My Secret Weapon:
  • Helps recruits get in MILITARY shape. (If you’re a gym rat, you’re gonna to struggle!)
  • Shows you how to deal with your "crazy" drill sergeants, and... 
  • Reveals what to learn & memorize BEFORE your ship date.
New recruits that get my secret weapon know EXACTLY what to EXPECT...and know EXACTLY what to do about it.
“Just Get Through It”
Funny - some recruits don’t think they need to do ANYTHING before they ship.

In fact, I hear noobs say all the time, “Dude, I got this. I just want to ‘get through’ basic training. I just want to survive. Why would I need a course? Why do I need to get prepared?”

To me, it’s like saying, “I just want to be average.” Or “I’ll just take my chances.”

Why leave something so IMPORTANT to CHANCE?

In case you hadn’t noticed, each military branch is accepting fewer and fewer recruits. It’s not like it was after 9/11.
Right now, the US military rejecting almost
80% of applicants!
That means competition for YOU is getting tougher...and not just to get in.

That competition INCREASES once you get get the MOS you get promotions...and to get that earliest bump in pay.
What Do You Want?
Think about it. What do YOU want out of basic training?

Do you just want to survive? Just get through it? To be average? Is that what you really want?

Can you make it through basic training without Basic Training University?

To be brutally honest, most likely. Lots do.

By the time you make it to basic, the US government has already invested a few dineros in your military career...and they don’t like to waste money (at least that’s what they SAY). They WANT you to succeed.

So...lots get through basic without my secret weapon…
What If?
But...they’re nervous the whole time…instead of confident.

It becomes one of the most difficult experiences of their lives...instead of being a walk in the park.

They’re disappointed at graduation...because they can see what COULD HAVE BEEN.
Bottom line: Basic Training 
can either be hard...or easy.
And like I said earlier, Basic Training University isn’t for those who just want to get by...just barely make it...or just give it a wing and a prayer.

It’s for those who want to want it to be a breeze...while everyone else sweats it out.

It’s for those who want MORE at the end than just, “I just made it through.”

You really have to ask yourself…

Do you want to say, “Whew...just barely made it…” when you graduate...

Or, do you want to say, "I freaking CRUSHED that!" on graduation day?
If You Want to Graduate With:
  • Higher Fitness Test Scores
  • Better pay
  • Faster promotions
  • Pride in your accomplishment
...then Basic Training University is for you.

Forget listening to your buddy from school, or trolling the interwebs for reliable information.

  • You’ll waste a ton of time. 
  • You’ll get an incomplete picture of what you need to get ready. 
  • Plus, you’ll get fed a bunch of useless myths that will only HOLD YOU BACK. 
Look, I know you’re nervous about Basic Training. 

That makes sense: you don’t know what to expect. 

  • You know you’re going to get yelled at.
  • You're going to be put on the front of everyone.
  • Your stuff will get thrown all over the barracks.
  • You’ll run til your legs fall off.
  • And you’ll do push-ups until your arms feel like noodles.

Everyone’s scared. But not everyone knows what to do about it.

I’ll help you turn your FEAR into FUEL.
Here’s why it's critical you get Basic Training University NOW:
  • Some recruits can look like they’re getting SPECIAL TREATMENT. These little-known hacks keep your drill sergeant off your back.
  • How to feel like a mind reader by knowing what’s coming BEFORE everyone else.
  • How and when to train BEFORE basic training...and why if you think you're “in shape” it can hurt your fitness score.
  • Meal eating techniques that get you the nutrition you need - all in 3 min. or less.
  • A simple tip to correct your running stride that improves your time by up to 59% and reduces chance of injury.
  • Why 7-12% of new recruits wash out or recycle - and how to make sure you’re part of the 82-93% that succeeds.
  • Discover why “non-athletes” often have the advantage over jocks, gym rats , and fitness "studs."
  • How you can graduate basic at the top of your class, with the best job, and with a 30% bump in pay.
  • How to skyrocket your push-up and sit up count by up to 400%!
  • The LIST of SECRET ITEMS you can take to Basic that will make you feel’re right at home
It’s so effective, both and BOTH say it should be REQUIRED for every single new recruit.
So, What Is Basic Training University?
Basic Training University is 8 Online Instructional Videos.
They total more than 4 hours detailing the preparation YOU need to ace basic training.

It’s not just the result of my personal experience.
It’s the result of thousands of interviews, and over 5 years of on-base research.

(Please note: this is a digital course you will have access to online. There are no physical DVD's.)
What's Inside 
Basic Training University
Online Video 1:
How to Develop Mental Toughness
Basic Training will stress your body beyond what you’ve ever been through.

Think “double that” for the mental stress. Your drill sergeant’s goal is to break your bad habits, and turn you into a member of a high-performing team.

I'll help you:
  • Handle mental stress like a champ
  • Channel anxiety and fear into high-performance
  • Get yelled at less by your drill sergeant
  • Stay cool as a cucumber when you DO get yelled at
Online Video 2: 
How to Ace Your Fitness Test
Basic Training will stress your body beyond what you’ve ever been through.

Think “double that” for the mental stress. Your drill sergeant’s goal is to break your bad habits, and turn you into a member of a high-performing team. 

I'll help you:
  • Handle mental stress like a champ
  • Channel anxiety and fear into high-performance
  • Get yelled at less by your drill sergeant
  • Stay cool as a cucumber when you DO get yelled at
Online Video 3: 
Feeding Your Face FAST - Food Tips
There is nothing on earth like meal time at Basic Training.

You’ll need to be prepared mentally and physically. Believe it or not, there are secrets to getting through meal time chaos. 

In this video:
  • I teach you how to prepare your body for meals before you arrive
  • You’ll discover how to eat at basic training
  • You’ll learn how to eat those blessed MRE’s (yes, there’s a BEST way to do it)
Online Video 4: 
How to Run Faster with Less Effort
You’re going to run a lot. I mean A LOT. I’ll teach you how to run faster and with less effort.

They will time you, which means you’ll be under intense pressure.

Several recruits have shaved MINUTES off their time by taking my running advice.  

You’ll know how to make the most of your energy and effort. 

In this video I cover:
  • 6 Quick Fixes for running. Most recruits have no idea HOW to run. I’ll teach you techniques for the most efficient stride. Your drill sergeant isn’t there to give you stride coaching.
  • Choosing the right shoe - and when to try on shoes
  • Addressing proper arch support
Online Video 5: 
Top-Flight Fitness During and After Basic 
When we arrived in Iraq there were no gyms or facilities or “fitness equipment.”

Then they went and made me the fitness instructor for our entire company! 

I had to design my fitness program around what we had in our tents and on our person.

And guess what? I crushed it!  

Our company’s fitness was so superior, I was awarded the Army Commendation Medal for my efforts! 

If I can keep a whole company fit with not much more than rocks, sand, crates, and boxes, think of what I can do for YOUR level of fitness! 

In video 5, I’ll introduce you to a SECRET MILITARY FITNESS FORMULA called:
  • D
  • N
  • C
Which stands for...oh, wait...I told you it was secret!
Online Video 6: 
Taking Care of Business
Life in the civilian world doesn’t stop just because you’re at basic training.

What's more, issues at home can ABSOLUTELY affect your performance at Basic. 

The better you handle your business AWAY from Basic, the better you'll handle your business INSIDE basic. 

I’ll teach you the tips you need to:
  • Get your finances in order before you ship. Troubles with your finances can keep you out of some of the better jobs, especially ones that require a higher security clearance.
  • Take care of non-financial matters
  • Know what to pack for basic training
  • Know what not to pack for basic training
Online Video 7: 
Handling Relationships
You’ll be managing lots of different relationships.

Some very up close and personal, and some from a distance.  

Discover how to:
  • Stay on your Drill Sergeant’s good side (if he had one)
  • Stay in touch with friends and family
  • Deal with mail call
  • Make the most out of your battle buddy relationship
  • Handle your fellow recruits
Online Video 8: 
Phonetic Alphabet & Numbers
You’re going to be learning a mountain of new information at basic.

But there’s a ton you can learn BEFORE you arrive.

I’ll tell you exactly WHAT to study and HOW to memorize it:
  • Phonetic alphabet (Alpha, Romeo, Echo, Yankee, Oscar, Uniform, Romeo , Echo, Alpha, Delta, Yankee)
  • Numbers
  • Proven memorization techniques
Will It Work?
I guarantee it works! But don’t just take my word for it!

I’ve had thousands of new recruits take my training.

Listen to what just a few of them have to say.
Pete talks about how confusing, stressed, intense basic was. He watched it destroy some fellow recruits. But because of Basic Training University, he knew what to expect and how to control anxiety and stress. He graduated with honors and says it's easily worth the price!
Basic Training University taught me everything i need to know. I've got confidence. What a lifesaver! 
Basic Training University helped me with all the extra mental & physical stress . 
It walks you through every aspect.
Every single one of my students is thrilled they took my advice in Basic Training University.

Male, female, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard -- it works for everyone.

In fact, I'm so confident it will help you, I'll make you this GUARANTEE:

If you order my course, take my time-tested advice, and it doesn't help you during Basic Training, I'll off you a FULL questions asked!

But you have to take my advice! Not just listen to it. Or agree with it. You have to DO it!

There is absolutely no risk to you. 

Love it, or I’ll refund your hard-earned money.

  • "Should be required reading."
  • "The most helpful [training]...ever." Private Caseilli
  • "A must read."
  • "I feel extremely prepared now." Private Jones
Bottom Line: 
Why Basic Training University 
is Necessity
#1: So you’re not a statistic.

You don’t want to wash out. Or recycle.

Across the board, almost 10% of recruits fail basic training. No one likes to fail, but few things are as embarrassing as failing basic training.

Only Basic Training University gets you fully prepared to succeed at Basic Training. There’s nothing else like it.

Why else do you need Basic Training University?

#2: So you can get promoted faster. 

Your friends and family back home will be watching you. You’ll make them proud by coming out on top at basic training.

You’ll get the job YOU want, not the leftovers.

You’re already proud of our country...make your country proud of you. 

#3: So you can get better pay.

Your performance in basic training will directly affect your pay scale.

You can leave basic as an E1 up through an E4.

Did you know there’s a 30% pay difference between being an E1 and an E4?

And guess what? Basic Training University pays for itself because you will earn more points during basic training.

This gets you a raise and promoted sooner. Think about what you can do with 30% more every month!

Who doesn’t want better pay?!
What's It Worth?
If I trained you one on one, I’d have to charge more than $2350 or more, plus travel expenses!

That’s a lot of coin! And you know what? It would be worth every penny to you and your military career.

This course could be worth thousands and thousands of dollars to your military career.

I’ve had more requests than I can count to travel across the country to train new recruits one-on-one. These requests came from high school jocks, academics and book worms, as well as from freaked out moms and dads.
Every one of them understood that acting fast on the right training was essential to success at basic training.
The problem is, I just can’t be in that many places at once.

But my training videos can. You can get instant access today to Basic Training University

These 8 videos that will change your basic training experience and change your military career.

Special Pricing
When these videos first came out, I charged $99 for the course. And it’s worth every penny of that $99.

But I want to more new recruits than ever to get the basic training preparation they deserve.

That’s why I’ve dropped the price to get it into as many hands as possible.

You’ll spend more than double the price of the course for a night out on the town.

Look, your ship date may seem like a long way off, but it’s going to get here before you know it.

The sooner you take advantage of this special pricing, the closer you’ll be to acing basic training.

So, are you ready to get your hands on the “SECRET WEAPON” you need to help you make basic training a breeze?

Let me sweeten the deal...if you order today!

Bonus #1:
Bonus Video: How to Get a Great Job after Basic Training and Beyond
In addition to the career-changing information you'll get inside Basic Training University, I'm including a bonus video - if you order today.

You’re not going to be in basic training forever. Get the job YOU want after graduation AND after you're discharged. This video will help you come out on top.

This video is all about scoring the job that fits YOU best - whether in the military or in civilian life.

Promises made during the recruitment process are not guaranteed. Your performance at basic training will have more impact on your job placement after graduation than the piece of paper where you signed your name.
In this video I’ll teach you:

  • Resume boosting secrets
  • How to construct a killer cover letter
  • Interview tips
  • How to dress for your interview
Bonus #2:
Secret Access Available Only to Basic Training University Students
Once inside Basic Training University, you'll unlock access to two other "secret weapons" only available to those enrolled.
#1 The Ultimate Basic Training Survival Pack , 
a $59 Value
It's jam packed full of "secret items" YOU CAN TAKE WITH YOU that will make your time in basic a cinch.

Believe me, you'll be one of the few enjoying stuff most recruits don't even know they'll need...and can take. The Survival Pack will be your most valued possession during basic training.

I've had new recruits tell me that the #1 difference maker during basic training was my "Ultimate Basic Training Notebook." It's the customized notebook you can take with you into basic training.
 It's an absolute lifesaver!

Again, only available for purchase once you're inside Basic Training University.
#2 The Ultimate Basic Training Radio Collection, 
a $49 Value
Featuring 20+ hours of Basic Training Content

A few years ago, I hosted a live call-in national radio show where I led a panel of experts answering every question under the sun about Basic Training and military life. 

The radio show ran for almost 3 years...and I was smart enough to record them. I'm making them available to students enrolled in my training.

This collection is absolute pure gold. By itself is worth $49 because it's chock full of the kind of expert tips you won't find anywhere else.'s all about the new recruits calling in to ask us questions about Basic Training.

It's almost 20 hours of questions and answers about every single aspect of Basic Training.

And it's only available at a steep discount INSIDE Basic Training University.
Buy Today and Get INSTANT ACCESS
to All 8 Instructional Videos

Bonus Video
"How to Get Your Dream Great Job"


Exclusive Access to



PS Just a reminder,

Basic Training University has the proven research and training. Your friends and family mean well, but their experience is limited. 

Basic Training University gives you complete and total training. It’s literally everything you need - all in one place. 

Basic Training University takes the guesswork out of getting ready for basic training.

Basic Training University is recommended by top military organizations for its accuracy. The internet is a minefield of myths and bad information. 

Basic Training University is available RIGHT NOW. Within moments, you can get instant access so you can start getting ready for basic training. 

Basic Training University is everything you need to CRUSH basic training.
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